Sunday, March 27, 2016

An update and finding accessories in an odd store

It has been a while since I posted on this blog.  Our renovation is going ever so slowly as my husband is working on a large project offshore. He is gone 3 weeks at a time and it has been difficult to get any real work done.  During one of our visits, we were fortunate to meet the contractor that is working on our neighbors house. The contractor walked through our house and he is familiar with the structure.  The contractor's father built the homes in our neighborhood and he has worked on these homes since he was 20 yrs old. We're glad we made this contact as good contractors are hard to find.

When we purchased the desert house, it included all the furniture and while it's not our taste, it is good enough while we thought about the renovation; however, it is time to update things a bit. So during Easter weekend, we moved some of our furniture from our San Diego home to the desert home. We purchased a new dinning table and queen bed for the San Diego home and brought the Cal King bed and dining table to the desert house.  We then sold the king bed in the master bedroom and large dining table on Craigslist.  I found selling on Craigslist a pain in the ass and not sure if it'll be worth the effort in the future.  Although, after you get past the low-ballers (the ones that try to pick up something for nothing because they think you're desperate), we managed to sell both pieces to two very nice people.

Anyway, on to my accessory find....

One day while we were running errands, my husband wanted to look for a few frames at Arron Brothers and while wandering through the isles, I spotted this cool lamp that I just knew was perfect for the man cave.  My husband has hung a few of his sailing photos (he is a competitive sailor in San Diego) and I thought the blue glass lamp with the woven rope was perfect for this room.

Sea Rope Lamp | Arron Brothers

We've spent countless hours searching for lamps at lamp stores, furniture stores, and discount stores, but it's just one of those rare finds that you see and think - that's it!  It was just so odd to find a lamp at a store that sells frames and art supplies. You just never know.

Next to go - that beat up couch

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Cheers, Monica

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