Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remodeling the man cave (office), Part II

The remodeling project at the desert house is going quite slow.  Right now, the husband and I don't quite have the time to spend at the house, but we are managing to get small projects done.

For example, a few weekends ago we decided to get rid of the carpet in the office.  All I can say is - what a mess!  The backing of the old carpet disintegrated and I had to vacuum up all this gritty rubber off the floor. Then I had to go over the floor with a Swiffer wet mop about 10 times before I felt that the floor was clean enough to roll out the new carpet that we purchased.

Diamond Scroll Rug, Blue from Pier 1
Blue Diamond Scroll Rug | Pier 1
The area rug is from Pier 1 and it's called the Diamond Scroll Rug - Blue.  The size of the rug is 9 x 12 and we ordered the rug from Pier 1 and had it delivered to the store.  This rug is a really beautiful mix of light blue, dark blue, maroon, beige, and tan fibers.  It's quite lovely in person and we're happy with this purchase.

Prior to purchasing the rug, we had a company come in to remove the desk (see un-painted desk here) and stain the desk a dark espresso color.  The desk really came out nice and the darker color gives the office a more updated look.

Stained, re-purposed desk
Stained, re-purposed desk
The next project that we would like to tackle is the front door.  The door has gaps in the frame as well as a few cracks in the door which lets in bugs and dust.  We have selected a door, but we just need to find a contractor and the time to spend at the house while the old door is removed and the new door is installed.

Stay tune for the next project!



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  2. Great rug!! and wonderful job on the desk - I saw the in progress photo a couple of posts back ...

    1. Thanks! Although I'm not too fond of the wall color (spouse likes it and it is his room) .. the rug is really pretty and they still have it at Pier 1.


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