Sunday, September 29, 2013

Anglepoise Original Lamp from the Museum of Modern Art Store

I finally found the most versatile lamp for my desk at the desert house.  I discovered the Anglepoise Original Lamp in a catalog that I received from the Museum of Modern Art.  I find their items are really unique and it's wonderful to have an artist re-creation in my home.

Anglepoise Original Lamp
Anglepoise Original Lamp by George Carwardine, 1934

The inventor, George Carwardine was a car designer and while he was designing a part for a car suspension, he created a mechanism that would work in other applications, such as a task lamp (Anglepoise lamp). This task lamp can be angled up, down, or forward and it will hold its position due to the springs in the frame.

Desk at desert house | Master bedroom
Desk at desert house | Master bedroom

The desk lamp that I had on the desk which you can see here, just didn't give off enough light and there's no other lighting near this wall.  The small lamps on the tables beside the bed are also too small to give off any light.  I am still on the look out for new bedroom lamps.  It seems that every time I find a cool lamp at Home Goods, Stein Mart or any other discount store, they only have one lamp (sigh).  Oh, well .. I'll keep looking. Isn't shopping, looking, discovering half the fun?



  1. When we met the people that own the condo next to ours at the shore the woman/shopper of the family gave me some advice that I've found to be quite useful. She said when shopping at places like Home Good/Marshall's, shop at home. Things that are in demand at the shore, where everyone is looking for shell-themed bathroom sets or sets of bedroom lamps, go fast. All those retirees who live there year-round know the days when they put new things out and descend. Our place was furnished so I have had to buy a lot, but I have found that the discounters have better stocks of some things back at home where everyone isn't scrambling around to make their guest rooms perfect.

    1. Hi Rose,

      Ah, now that is good advice! The spouse and I seem to shop in Palm Desert when we are there and ever time, I see the perfect lamp, but there is only one. I'll have to check out my local Home Goods in San Diego more frequently.

      Thanks for the tip!