Sunday, June 9, 2013

Air Force One in Palm Springs

As you all may have heard on the news, read in the news paper or online, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a summit meeting in Palm Desert June 7th and 8th, 2013.

My husband and I received an email from the City of Palm Desert that let residents know that there would be traffic delays on Highway 111 and so when I set out to drive to the desert on Friday evening, I wasn't sure how long it would take to get to the house.

I left San Diego at 7:00 pm and arrived on Highway 111 about 9:30 pm.  All was calm and quiet with the exception of the protesters across the street of the Hyatt Grand Champions where President Jinping was staying.  At the time I didn't know if these people were protesters or supporters, but I read in the Sunday paper that they were both.

My husband, who had been on business travel in Europe re-routed his flight to Palm Springs instead of San Diego to join me at the house.  I asked him if he could get a picture of Air Force One on his way in, if possible.  So instead of hitting the camera button, he some how hit the video button and I got a 2 second video of Air Force One from his prop plane that just came in from Los Angeles.

Anyway, it was fairly cool to be in the same location as two world leaders.  I thought Palm Desert was an odd place to meet, because quite frankly .. it's hot as Hades (104F / 40C).  However, not too many people are in the area this time of year so it's probably a good, low key place for the two world leaders to meet. 

The only small inconvenience that I noticed was that Highway 111 was blocked at around 11:00 am on Saturday (right at the security entrance to our house) so I couldn't make a left hand turn to go into town.  I just went right and headed into La Quinta to do some shopping at Kohl's, Target, and Trader Joe's.

Honestly, I hardly noticed that two world leaders were in town.


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