Sunday, May 26, 2013

Desert blooms at the house

It's Memorial Day weekend and we are at the desert house.  Since we don't live here full time we really notice all the changes that happen with our landscape plants.  Plus, I'm not familiar with the desert plants so when one plant blooms, it's quite a surprise.

White desert flowers
White desert flowers
This is the first time that I've seen this plant bloom.  It's a very tall plant reaching the roof.

Red Yucca
Red Yucca

In the front of the house there are tall plants that have tubular flowers called Red Yucca. Humming birds love these flowers.  It's wonderful to watch these tiny birds hover and zip to each flower.

humming bird
Humming bird enjoying a snack

This orange flowering plant was planted last year when we replaced a large, scarey, thorny plant.  The gardener selected this plant for us so I'm not sure of the plant name, but the cluster of orange blooms are quite pretty.

Hope you are enjoying the three day weekend.


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