Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Crown Pet Crate Table

As discussed in previous posts, my husband and I purchased our house in the desert furnished.  It's not quite our taste in furniture, but it's good enough and we've enjoyed having a house all set up that we can just take off and go to.

As we spend more time in the home, we are deciding which furniture items to replace.  This weekend we replaced two items.  First, we wanted to replace a rustic wood end table in the den (man cave) and second an over-sized dog pen that we had for Taylor, the cocker spaniel.  We thought that we would just get a regular metal pen for him, but since we wanted to replace the end table, we thought about an end table dog create.  Is there such a thing?

Well, yes!  We purchased the Crown Pet Crate Table at dog.com. The cost of the table was around $226.00 for a medium sized table/crate and it's what we would have paid to replace an end table anyway, so might as well get an item with a dual purpose.

Crown Pet Crate in Espresso, size medium
Crown Pet Crate Table in Espresso (bedding not included)

Luckily, Taylor was crate trained when he was a puppy so he's more than happy to go into his new home.

Taylor in Crown Pet Crate Table
Taylor in his new home

Calm Taylor in Taylor in Crown Pet Crate Table
A relaxed Taylor in his Crown Pet Crate Table
When we come home after running errands, here is what Taylor normally does ..

Pool in Palm Desert
Taylor running around pool
Taylor is never in the back yard alone as he has fallen in the pool chasing the pool cleaner.

Tri color cocker spaniel in back yard
Taylor chasing birdies and digging

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