Monday, January 21, 2013

Remodeling the man cave (office), Part I

What I love most about the desert house is that there is an office for my husband to work.  In this room there is also a private bathroom with a large shower. The sink is located between the bathroom and the office.  There is also a small closet.  This room is the perfect man cave.

After using the office for a year, my husband decided that the built in desk was too heavy for the room which also made the room dark. We both decided that the bright yellow paint was an eye sore and the large leather chair was taking up too much space.  As you may recall, we relocated the large leather chair to the master bedroom to create a reading area.

desert house office
Desert house office (real estate pic)

Although the built in desk looks pretty cool, once you're sitting at the desk you realize that there is no desk space because the book shelves sit right on the desk area.

In the picture below, you'll see that the whole desk and book shelves were removed and the room was painted with a blue/gray color called "Respite" by Sherwin Williams.

Desk and book shelves removed

The space is currently still blank.  We are trying to decide if we can re-purpose the old desk into something more modern or replace the built in desk with a free standing desk and an entertainment type center. 

The photo below is looking into the office from the dinning room.  Without the large leather chair in the corner, the space by the windows opens up and allows more light into the room.

Since the closet is quite small, my husband had to custom fit a modular closet that he purchased from Lowe's.

And no man cave is complete without the picture below hanging over the toilet.

The writing in the right corner says: "Men Only Bar with Latrine Front - 1904"
Aren't you happy that we live in a more civilized time.


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