Monday, January 28, 2013

Paper Lantern & Watercress paint for the guest bedroom

The guest bedroom is one of my favorite rooms in the desert house.  For a second bedroom, it's quite spacious and I also really like the furniture in this room that came with the house.  It's not my tasty per se, as I prefer a more contemporary style, but for now it's perfect.

The wall color was a gray/green.  I found this extremely dull and wanted to brighten up this cheery room. Of course, you can't really tell how dull the green paint is in the photo's below.  You'll just have to trust me that it needed to be updated.

Guest Bedroom - Real Estate Photo (pre new paint)

Guest Bedroom - Real Estate Photo (pre new paint)

We selected two different color paints for this room: 

1. Paper Lantern by Sherwin Williams.  If you look this color up on line it's totally wrong.  The color is a soft yellow, but the paint swatches online look peach.

2. Watercress by Dunn Edwards.  Again, if you look this color up online it shows a gray green where it's really a green/yellow.

In the photo below, the accent wall behind the bed is painted with the Watercress and the rest of the room is painted in Paper Lantern.  You can see the Paper Lantern color on the over hang wall above the sliding door.

Watercress accent wall behind the bed

Paper Lantern rest of the bedroom walls.

I really love the Paper Lantern wall paint.  Even though I selected a beige color paint for the master bedroom, after seeing the Paper Lantern in the guest bedroom, I knew the color was also perfect for the master bedroom.

View from bedroom door into the bathroom
What is interesting about this angle is that I thought that the four flower pictures didn't 'pop' against the Paper Lantern wall, so we just painted this wall with the Watercress green.  It looks quite good due to architectural elements in the room.  Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the newly painted green wall, so will have to update the blog once I get a photo.

Below you'll see two photo's of the guest bedroom bathroom painted with Paper Lantern.

Guess bedroom bathroom sink area

Guest bedroom toilet and shower

You can see that the guest bathroom needs upgrading as the peach tile is totally dated; however, I have to say that the bath room is in great condition.  There are no chipped or damaged tiles and the bath room is quite clean.

The only item remodeled in the guest bedroom was the closet.  We did both the master closet and the guest bedroom closet remodel at the same time.

Guest bed room remodeled closet

So the guest bedroom is done for now.  Will post the new Watercress wall next weekend.



  1. I liked both colors but love paper lantern. Now that I have seen how nice this paint color actually is, I have no qualms about painting my cellar paneling with paper lantern. Great decorating and picture taking!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I liked the paper lantern color so much that we also painted the master bedroom with this color as well.

      Regards, Monica.