Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Master closet remodel

This is just a re-post from A Pear Shaped Gal blog.  I would like all my remodeling items to sit on this blog.  Keeps everything neat and tidy.

Posted on January 10th, 2012:

My husband and I have been working on the house that we own in Palm Desert, CA.  We bought the house last December 2011 and spent quite a bit of time at the house discussing a kitchen remodel, re-painting, and overall fixing things up.  The house was built in 1995 and hasn't been updated since, so the house is in need of a few upgrades.

The first upgrade that we decided to do was the master bedroom closet.  We went to various closet designers such as Closet World and found them quite expensive.  Then I went to The Container Store as they have the Elfa closet storage system.  I gave the Container Store closet designer the dimensions of the master walk in closet and he drew up the design. In the end, the materials were really expensive and adding on the labor made it grossly overpriced.

Next we talked to a cabinet maker in the Palm Desert area and gave him the Elfa design.  After discussing price and materials, we decided to give the contractor a try, gave him the keys to the house and off he went. When we returned to the house over the Thanksgiving weekend, the closet installation had begun, but wasn't finished.  My husband, who is a structural engineer and is very type "A" on details could see all the errors where I was "oh, this is going to look so nice".. lol.   My husband met with the contractor, went over a few details and by the time we went back to the house in December the closet remodel was still unfinished.  My husband ended up finishing the detail work and deducted the amount from the invoice.  Needless to say, we won't use this contractor to do future work such as a kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel, but we were glad that it was only a small job and the end result turned out great.

Here is a picture of the master bedroom walk in closet before the renovation:

master bedroom closet before
Master bedroom closet, before remodel (real estate photo)
And the finished walk in closet remodel:

remodel closet left
Remodeled closet left side.
 The angle of the photo is a bit crooked.  I don't have a wide angle lens for my camera and had to take the photos in two parts. The left side of the closet has a spot for longer hanging items such as coats and dresses behind the door.  There are also shelves for purses, four deep drawers, and a slanted shelf for shoes.  At the back of the closet is a built in dresser

remodel closet right side
Remodeled closet right side
 The right side of the closet has much of the same: four drawers, slanted shoe shelf, and four sections to hang clothing.

I love the closet remodel.  I think it came out great!  I'm now wondering if the rug doesn't really belong in this closet.  I am considering a zebra print rug.  What do you think?

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